Trim Video

The ‘Trim Video’ feature guides users to create a trimmed copy of a downloaded video file. This feature will not corrupt the original file but will instead create a trimmed copy that the user can place in a specific folder once generated.

Step 1: Navigate to the asset you would like to move. Click and select ‘Move to Folders’.

Step 1: Locate to the Asset Details page of the video that you wish to trim and click the  icon to select ‘Trim Video.’ 

Step 2: Enter in the video’s new start and end time within the respective fields.

Step 3: Select the destination folder for the trimmed video asset and then click ‘Generate Asset.’ You must select at least one destination folder for the generated asset.

Step 4: A confirmation message will appear upon successful generation and the user will also receive a confirmation email. Navigate to ‘View Trimmed Asset’ to view the file in the specified folder/folders.