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About Runner

Launched in 2014, Runner exists to centrally store, manage, review, and distribute media content to SPE groups and partners worldwide. Runner uniquely leverages technology to empower cross-division collaboration, provide secure storage and digital preservation, and provide access to its global digital library by users in over 60+ countries worldwide. Runner’s enterprise platform benefits all its stakeholders, integrated systems, and users in which it operates.

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Getting Started

How to get to Runner Mobile

Learn how to navigate to Runner Mobile and what functions are available to use. Step 1: Navigate to Sony Pictures …
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Password Reset – Mobile

The ‘Forgot Password’ link is located below the password field on the Login screen. Clicking that link will redirect you …
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Title Search – Mobile

Runner’s search engine uses asset metadata to navigate search results based on your search criteria. Searching within folders will all …
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Email Share – Mobile

Runner determines whether you can share either single or multiple assets based on your user permissions. Begin by navigating to …
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Share URL – Mobile

Begin by navigating to the Asset Detail page and selecting the icon …
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Filter Assets – Mobile

 Step 1: Enter a search term in the search bar. Assets returned will be displayed based on your search criteria …
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Sort Assets – Mobile

 Step 1: To organize the view of all assets, select the sort button. Step 2: The options to sort by …
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