Subscription Preferences

Subscription preferences determines how you can manage your search and folder subscription settings. These settings are tied to your Runner account and will be loaded whenever you log into Runner, even across different machines and browsers.

Step 1: Click , and select ‘User Preferences’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Click ‘Subscription’ to begin modifying your subscription preferences.

Step 3: To manage a search subscription, click on a subscription in the table. The ‘Modify Search Subscription’ modal will appear. Modify the subscription name and email frequency or click ‘Unsubscribe’ to unsubscribe from this search subscription. After all modifications have been made, click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: To manage a folder subscription, navigate to the folder subscription you’d like to modify in the table and select the events you’d like to receive an email notification for. Click to expand the folder structure or click to collapse the folder structure.