Forensic Watermarking

Forensic watermarking is a process by which a unique, invisible serial number is added to video content. The watermark is designed to remain with the content, regardless of how it might be transcoded, resized, or otherwise altered for distribution. Forensic watermarking is a permission-based feature.

Step 1: Create an email share for the video(s) you’d like to share.

Note: Only proxies that meet or exceed the dimensions of 960×540 are eligible for processing

Step 2: Select ‘Forensic’ under ‘Invisible Watermark Options’. After all selections have been made, click ‘Share’.

Note: SPE will create a proxy from the source asset and apply a unique watermark that links the asset to the recipient. Upon completion, the watermarked proxy is shared with the recipient as soon as possible, but depending on the length and volume of asset(s), shares may be delayed between an hour and a day.

Step 3: An email notification will be sent to the share recipients.

Step 4: Upon clicking ‘View Assets’, share recipients will access the forensically watermarked assets on the share page.