Category: Manage Assets

Persist Notifications

To view all your notifications on Runner rather than going through runner notification emails, click on   icon to view a compiled list of all recent notifications on your Runner account.

Step 1: The   icon at the top navigation bar will display a red dot to notify you of any new notifications  .


Step 2: Click on the bell to view the compiled list all recent notifications in the dropdown.

Step 3: To clear all notification, click on “Clear All” at the top of the dropdown. 

Trim Video

The ‘Trim Video’ feature guides users to create a trimmed copy of a downloaded video file. This feature will not corrupt the original file but will instead create a trimmed copy that the user can place in a specific folder once generated.


QC Results

Create QC reports to track vendors’ failure rates for delivering the correct file specs when they receive assets and collect metrics on vendors, assist in potentially penalizing repeat offenders who repeatedly make the same mistakes when delivering, and reclaim the time lost to back-and-forth communication to receive good files.

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Copy Assets

Copying assets determines whether that asset can live in multiple folders. Any metadata that’s modified to one asset will be applied to all linked copies.


Linked Assets

Linked assets are two or more assets grouped together. For example, link a script to a trailer or link multiple video segments together to help users locate associated assets with ease.


Retrieve Assets from Archive

Archived assets are in a different storage solution that need to be retrieved in order to download or share the assets from Runner. The retrieval process takes around 5-6 hours.