Burn-in Watermarking

Burn-in watermarking is a process in which Runner creates a new video with the text burned in. These burned-in video assets are available for streaming and download. Burn-in watermarking is a permission-based feature.

Step 1: Create an email share for the video(s) you’d like to share.

Note: Only videos that have proxies are eligible for burn-in watermarking.

Step 2: Select ‘Burn-in’ under ‘Visible Watermark Options’.

Step 3: Enter text that will be burned-in on each asset as the burn-in watermark. To modify the location of the watermark click . To modify the font-size, slide between ‘a’ and ‘A’. To modify the opacity, slide between and . Select to display the recipients email address as a burn-in watermark. After all selections have been made, click ‘Share’.

Note: The preview window displays how the visible watermark will be burned-in onto each video. If you leave the ‘Visible Watermark’ text field blank, there will be no visible watermark burned-in on the video(s).

Note: Runner will create a new video with the text burned-in. Upon completion, the burned-in video(s) is shared with the recipient as soon as possible, but depending on the length and volume of asset(s), shares may be delayed between an hour and a day.

Step 4: Share recipients will access the burned-in watermarked assets on the email share page.