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About Runner

Launched in 2014, Runner exists to centrally store, manage, review, and distribute media content to SPE groups and partners worldwide. Runner uniquely leverages technology to empower cross-division collaboration, provide secure storage and digital preservation, and provide access to its global digital library by users in over 60+ countries worldwide. Runner’s enterprise platform benefits all its stakeholders, integrated systems, and users in which it operates.

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Getting Started

Two Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) includes an added layer of security that requires not only a username and password, but a 6-digit physical token as well (in this case, your phone) …
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Password Reset

The ‘Forgot Password’ link is located below the password field on the Login page. Clicking that link will redirect you to enter an email address which will then contain a link to guide you to reset your password.  …
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Search in Runner

Runner’s search engine uses asset metadata to navigate search results based on your search criteria. Searching within folders will all you to search for an asset within a selected folder …
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Subscribe to a Search

Search Subscriptions determines whether you can create and manage custom subscriptions based on specific search criteria. Runner with cache the current set of search results and send an email when new search results verify your applied search criteria …
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Create an Email Share

Runner determines whether you can share either single or multiple assets based on your user permissions. Begin by navigating to the Asset Detail page and selecting ‘Share’ after clicking the  icon …
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Create a Share URL

After uploading assets, users can generate a share URL with specific permissions by selecting the ‘email share’ button in the manage modal. Recipients can preview or download shared assets without logging into Runner …
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Upload Assets

You can upload assets to Runner by two methods: Accelerated Upload or Aspera. Depending on your network connection, this determines which upload method is best for uploading assets to Runner …
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Upload with Existing Metadata

The Metadata Template page guides you to select a metadata template with pre-determined required fields that best suit your workflow. Navigate to this page by selecting ‘Add Metadata’ in the ‘Manage’ Modal after uploading …
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Create a Runner Account

Delegated Admins can only enable a Runner account for an SPE employee. Begin by navigating to the list of users by clicking on ‘Users’ in the Runner Admin and select ‘Create User’ to start …
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Assign Folder Permissions

As a Runner Administrator, you have the ability to grand and remove access to any folder that is under your administrative control. To access the Admin portal, click the gear icon in the top right of the Runner bar to select ‘Admin.’ …
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