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Release notes -10.15.21

Video Player timecode overlay, Request Files auto-rename + alphas, easier GPMS title searching, MPG photo_request Contact Sheet, Batch Retrieve from searches/folders, Rename from inside folder, UI Improvements & polishes (clipboard, info bubbles, menu scroll)


  • [RUNNR-5002] – New ‘additional_proxy’ –> “Runner-PIX-Specs” updates for MCS Connect, other places
  • [RUNNR-4997] – Timeout modal doesn’t always reload after session ends
  • [RUNNR-4993] – DCS Support – 10
  • [RUNNR-4989] – Add ‘asset_management.am_vendor’ to the metadata filter drawer
  • [RUNNR-4988] – Filter Drawer and other Metadata Fixes – ‘cmdg_vendor’ –> ‘dcs_vendor’
  • [RUNNR-4987] – Hover-Over Text or Info Icon for share page share options
  • [RUNNR-4976] – Search Filter aggregations display wrong alpha name
  • [RUNNR-4971] – Backend – Install Qualys Agent on both QA and Prod EC2 instances
  • [RUNNR-4970] – VOCAB – new dcs_vendor, social media subtype
  • [RUNNR-4969] – content_details.creation_date’s entered timestamp is affected by the workstation/computer’s timezone and leads to visual discrepancies
  • [RUNNR-4953] – :e-mail: Share – Turn Recipient Names to :three_button_mouse: 1-Click Chip Removals:name_badge::heavy_multiplication_x:
  • [RUNNR-4947] – DCS Support – 9
  • [RUNNR-4944] – /asset_items/accessible throws 500s when you try to share a batch of assets that includes a Runner-available asset that is, in truth, perma-deleted in MCS
  • [RUNNR-4941] – GPMS Title Search – fuzzier gpms episode # search


  • [RUNNR-4998] – Runner – Support IDM/Gigya failover support for login
  • [RUNNR-4986] – Contact Sheets – include more metadata for theatrical photo teams, change display
  • [RUNNR-4978] – Request Files – allow auto-rename metadata templates to rename files from the uploader’s edit metadata page
  • [RUNNR-4977] – Request Files – restore “allow uploader to add alpha title metadata”
    [RUNNR-4958] – Filter by Archive Status- archived/deep archived/not archived assets
  • [RUNNR-4945] – Use MCS Timecode in video player instead of relying on generating timecode proxies
  • [RUNNR-4922] – Elastic Search overhaul – revised search text syntax to support Advanced Search page (results not filtering correctly)
  • [RUNNR-4861] – :memo: Edit Metadata – Add ‘Manage’ Clipboard :clipboard:Button to Upper Navbar in Edit Metadata
    [RUNNR-4734] –  Add :arrow_up_down: Vertical Scroll for Context Menu for Smaller Size Window
  • [RUNNR-4656] –:file_folder: Folders – :pencil2: Rename Folder From Any Folder Page
  • [RUNNR-4468] – Make Batch :file_cabinet: Archive Retrieval available in folder + search views

Release Notes – 09.22.21

Improved subscription from folder page, Alphas in Batch Metadata Edits and searches, DR OZ improvements, Import from Ci improvements, Better Session Timeouts, Tool for Admins and Subscriptions, GPMS + Alpha ID tagging folder action.



  • [RUNNR-4965] – Decrease Granite per-process memory footprint
  • [RUNNR-4961] – Distribution Lists – dark mode display weirdness for rename text box
  • [RUNNR-4956] – Non-Admin’s current folder name has unnecessary ellipsis / truncation?
  • [RUNNR-4954] – Active Custom Search Subscription ‘cancel subscription’ Button in Filters Drawer blocks new subscription enrollment if you filter further
  • [RUNNR-4949] –:inbox_tray:  File Request – Metadata Edit Page – Add Apply Button (no way to tag single assets)
  • [RUNNR-4948] –:skull::wastebasket: – Live assets can be trashed and eventually deleted in MCS if they have “status: uploaded” and all of their “complete” duplicates/siblings are deleted
  • [RUNNR-4943] – “Share Folder” context menu option erroneously displays in asset-item context menus
  • [RUNNR-4940] – Asset Details Page – deleting asset from 1 of multiple folders boots you back to homepage
  • [RUNNR-4936] – VOCAB – Various fields, many subtypes
    [RUNNR-4933] – DR OZ Promo Hotfolder – Textless Split Revision handling ( –>
  • [RUNNR-4926] – DCS Support – 8
  • [RUNNR-4916] – Support array data formatting for ‘import from ci’ metadata tagging
  • [RUNNR-4910] – Preview-only shares’ share_id search pages disregard your valid permissions to assets (superset problems?)
  • [RUNNR-4903] – TEMPLATE – DCS Ancillary Assets – more updates
  • [RUNNR-4894] – TEMPLATE – DCS Dubbed Audio, DCS Dubbed Paperwork
  • [RUNNR-4892] – carat on type-of-search selector is a non-clickable space
  • [RUNNR-4698] – :shopping_trolley: Carts – Make “Open” Cart Drawer Button More Clear
  • [RUNNR-4686 Add] – :art: Background Color On Selected Assets For All Views


  • [RUNNR-4960] – DR OZ Promo Hotfolder – reduce link group / promo batch from 10 to 8
  • [RUNNR-4950] – Folder Action – tag_gpms_id -> expand to include alphas
  • [RUNNR-4939] –  Notifications – SysAdmin “back door” into user preferences to add/remove subscriptions in bulk more easily
  • [RUNNR-4934] –  Cart / Batch Metadata Edit Form – :warning: tagged alphas don’t display in the batch metadata edit form and can be nullified if form is applied
  • [RUNNR-4919] –  Address Session Timeouts for Shares / File Requests / HTTP Uploads
  • [RUNNR-4911] – :e-mail: Share – :pencil2: Rename :ledger: Distribution List
  • [RUNNR-4898] – Import from Ci – MPG Trailers – correct the tagging of CDSLs and other documents to Scripts > Trailer
  • [RUNNR-4452] – UI – Make “subscribe to Folder activity via folder view banner icon in upper left” have the same display and behavior as User Preferences’ tool (expand+collapse folder trees, add “replace” subscription column, support inheritance onto subfolders?)

Release notes – 08.20.21

Personal Address Book, DR OZ Hotfolder, Flexible Ci Metadata Import, format_details.format multi-select


  • [RUNNR-4914] – Rogue things doing n database calls for each uploaded asset


  • [RUNNR-4908] – VOCAB – Video Content, many new CMDG_Vendors
  • [RUNNR-4902] – DCS Support – 7
  • [RUNNR-4891] – TEMPLATE – Add ‘video content’ and ‘image content’ fields to MPG INTL templates for Global Asset Hub
  • [RUNNR-4886] – The null Filename Prevention Act of 2021
  • [RUNNR-4884] – Bulk Derived Asset creation for Burn-In Images / PDFs
  • [RUNNR-4882] – VOCAB – Various (presentation_aspect_ratio, asset_owner)
  • [RUNNR-4881] – DCS Support – 6
  • [RUNNR-4838] – Update Copyright to “2021”on
  • [RUNNR-4832] – (Pause b4 deploy) – METADATA – Change format_details.format to multi-select
  • [RUNNR-4816] – Sorting by LastLoginDate on /admin/users page in UI stops new searches/errors out
  • [RUNNR-4791] – Continents in content_details.territory ? Good or bad
  • [RUNNR-4771] – Advanced Search – add the other language fields (dubbed, original, text)


  • [RUNNR-4833] – Sony DAM Dr OZ Promo Hotfolder – filename to metadata parser
  • [RUNNR-4820] – VOCAB – Add soft delete for vocabularies so we can hide values without full deletion
  • [RUNNR-4812] – Import from Ci – add a way to tag flexible custom_metadata.custom_category.custom_label values onto assets
  • [RUNNR-4437] – Share – :blue_book: Address Book Enhancement: Distribution Lists

Release Notes – 07.30.21

Package Hotfolders, Schedule Share, Runner Mobile search, Cart Share and Multi-Delete, Import from Ci strengthening



[RUNNR-4879] – rtfm transfers with error messages are coming back as in progress
[RUNNR-4847] – Folder Admin – after setting a folder’s asset delete policy to a positive value (i.e. 30 days) , you can’t revert to “Never” – 500 response
[RUNNR-4841] – Play button displays on package’s thumbnail previews even if they do not have a preview video
[RUNNR-4810] – Some share image burn-ins fail to send


[RUNNR-4869] – Automated Request Form – Prepopulate Division value: “External” for users that select Company: not-SPE/Other
[RUNNR-4867] – VOCAB – Various (2021-07-19)
[RUNNR-4863] – Metadata – Curation Group – missing translation for “content_details.curation_group” in Metadata Edit History + form display weirdness
[RUNNR-4862] – Upload Page – Change “Folders Not Allowed” text for HTTP package attempt to “Folders Not Allowed For HTTP Transfers”
[RUNNR-4860] – ‘include folders in search’ weirdness – crash to top-level folders page?
[RUNNR-4858] – Folder Note displayed in dark mode ‘search that includes folders’ is wonky
[RUNNR-4857]  Share Folder from ‘search results including folders’ should return you to search after sharing
[RUNNR-4856] – Automated Request Form – necessary subfolders for TV, CMDG Clips, etc are not being added when the requested group is approved
[RUNNR-4855] – Add Back File Request Email option “Include all recipients on upload notifications” to the email request page
[RUNNR-4848] – Update “Uploading…” Loading Screen :capital_abcd: Text
[RUNNR-4834] – TEMPLATE – 1 small DCS Ancillary Change (presentation aspect ratio)
[RUNNR-4831] – Advanced Title Search’s filters don’t filter sequentially
[RUNNR-4808] – DBB Asset Migration Support – 5
[RUNNR-4803] – :file_folder: Folders – Add a ‘Add Folder Note” :spiral_note_pad: Option to Folder Context Menu (All Views)
[RUNNR-4790] – TEMPLATE – Sony DAM audio_configuration+audio_content value filtering
[RUNNR-4788] – Fix ‘download’ option from the new “copy from share” no-access page, [RUNNR-4159]
[RUNNR-4774] – Asset Details’ larger image preview button on the thumbnail doesn’t work for some assets


[RUNNR-4883] – “Magic String” destination path for push delivery Folder Action
[RUNNR-4866] – Screeners Hotfolder – EVENT Parser – case insensitivity handling – “CLEAN” subtitle/text etc
[RUNNR-4851] – Import from Ci – +1 Asset Type for MPG Trailers Naming Convention Tagging
[RUNNR-4837] – Import from Ci – asset_type + subtype tagging – case insensitivity
[RUNNR-4835] – “Loading” spinners/spirals for changing between hybrid/grid/list view and loading share page
[RUNNR-4811] – Packages – automatically apply thumbnail image (similar to 4749)
[RUNNR-4796] – ‘include folders in search results’ does not add a line item context menu (or folder selector) to the row/search result
[RUNNR-4789] – Hotfolder Ingest for packages – SPE VFX Reuse Group
[RUNNR-4780] – :outbox_tray::link: File Request URL – Allow Uploader to :pencil2: Edit Metadata
[RUNNR-4769] –  Runner Mobile :iphone: – :abc: Plaintext Filename :mag_right:Search
[RUNNR-4680] – :email: Share – Schedule Email Share :watch::point_left: For Ready To Release
[RUNNR-4654] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – 1-Click Cart :arrow_upper_right: Share
[RUNNR-3778] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – :wastebasket: Delete Multiple Carts

Release Notes – 07.06.21

Share Folder, In-App Survey, Import from Ci asset_type, Package Video Proxies, Active File Request badge



  • [RUNNR-4795] –  Alpha association missing on hotfolder uploads
  • [RUNNR-4784] –  The “Select all” bubble on share page pops an archive advisory modal that you can’t dispel if email share is download enabled
  • [RUNNR-4739] –  Filters Drawer – folder name aggregation turns into folder ID numbers if you add a filter


  • [RUNNR-4799] –  VOCAB – CMDG, VFX, SPHE Asset Owner adds/changes
  • [RUNNR-4786] –  Replace Coloring on File Request Upload Page Email Field + 1 more warning icon fix
  • [RUNNR-4782] –  DBB Asset Migration Support – 4
  • [RUNNR-4781] – :ladybug: “Send Another” interaction on share page goes to the middle of a very long vertical scroll page when you share lots of assets
  • [RUNNR-4779] –  VOCAB & TEMPLATE – “Timecode Hour” + DCS Ancillary Assets
  • [RUNNR-4770] –  VOCAB & TEMPLATE – New audio_stream_content values + template audio_stream_content value filtering
  • [RUNNR-4765] – :shell: Shell Assets – “Add Asset” Flow :broom: Cleanup
  • [RUNNR-4755] –  Folder search + ID# range for search text = inaccessible “select all” bubble on page
  • [RUNNR-4753] –  DBB Asset Migration Support – 3
  • [RUNNR-4714] – :clipboard: Runner In App Survey – :date: June 2021
  • [RUNNR-4553] –  VOCAB – More Asset Owners, SPE User Territories, a value typo fix


  • [RUNNR-4802] –  Copy to folder from share tweaking – admins/users with access can’t copy assets from preview only share
  • [RUNNR-4768] –  Import from Ci – simple tagging to asset_type and asset_subtype from Ci folders?
  • [RUNNR-4749] –  Packages – Upload Custom Proxy (like a thumbnail)
  • [RUNNR-4708] – :shell: Shell Assets – Indicate Not:no_entry_sign::arrow_up: Uploaded Yet on Grid and Hybrid View for Shell Asset
  • [RUNNR-4655[] – :file_folder: Folders – 1-Click:three_button_mouse:Share Folder
  • [RUNNR-4527] – Folders/File Request – Visual Indicator for Active :card_file_box: File Request on :card_index_dividers: Folder


Release Notes – 06.16.21

Share extension improvement, copy from shares, ‘upload more’ link for upload notifications



  • [RUNNR-4773] – Login Page – Invalid Validation Displays Different Icon


  • [RUNNR-4778] – ‘Update Thumbnail’ from ingest_batch_id search leads to a broken/wonky page
  • [RUNNR-4766] – TEMPLATE & Auto-Rename Convention – DCS Ancillary – more updates
  • [RUNNR-4762] – Add Hover State to Close “X” Icon on Modals
  • [RUNNR-4758] – VOCAB – 2 New ‘network_or_channel’ + whatever else comes in
  • [RUNNR-4746] – #1202516 Secure@Sony Vulnerability, Severity 2
  • [RUNNR-4743] – TEMPLATE – SPT Formats Marketing + some new vocab
  • [RUNNR-4733] –:new_moon: Dark Mode – Add Hover Blue State to :file_folder: Folder Icon on All Views
  • [RUNNR-4732] – :bookmark_tabs: Update “Copy” Icon
  • [RUNNR-4731] – :heavy_plus_sign: Add a “Apply & Go Back To Folders” :cool: Button on the Metadata Page On the Upload Wizard:male_mage: flow
  • [RUNNR-4710] – Tech Investigation: Search relevancy
  • [RUNNR-4679] – Email size investigation / issues with memory/CPU with service that builds Share emails
  • [RUNNR-4673] – [ ]Constrain :camera:“Asset Preview” Clickable Box on Asset Details Page to Just the ImageFeature
  • [RUNNR-4767] – New Directly-Linked “Manage Share” page for Expired :warning: Shares :email: from 4585’s mailto email
  • [RUNNR-4681] – :outbox_tray: File Request – Add “Upload More” :cool: Button To :arrow_up: Upload Confirmation :email: Email Sent to File_Request Uploader
  • [RUNNR-4585] – Provide Additional Contact Information for Expired :warning: Shares :email:
  • [RUNNR-4159] – :e-mail: Share – Allow :bust_in_silhouette: Users to Copy To :file_folder: Folders from Share Recipient Page –> (edited) 

Release Notes – 05.28.21


  • [RUNNR-4728] – Batch MPM/walker ID search goes AWOL vol. 2
  • [RUNNR-4722] – Request Files URL – Expiration Calendar – widget opens upwards, hiding the calendar display and blocking clicks
  • [RUNNR-4663] – Added Value videos with subtitle_asset_item_ids that were uploaded before February 01, 2019 do not play; they throw a 422



  • [RUNNR-4747] – VOCAB – adding more generic Language_Subtitle values
  • [RUNNR-4745] – VOCAB – New Metadata Field – format_details.drop_frame
  • [RUNNR-4730] – TEMPLATE / VOCAB – ‘DCS Ancillary Assets’ template and various vocab
  • [RUNNR-4723] – QC Reports – Additional Comments blocks saving/submitting report when  or Japanese characters are in the text body
  • [RUNNR-4719] – :broom: UI Cleanup – Tooltips
  • [RUNNR-4568 copy service optimization
  • [RUNNR-4724] – :file_folder: Folders – :memo: Sticky Notes or an “About this Folder” modal on Folders – Front End
  • [RUNNR-4716] –  Activity – Request Files – make folder name clickable to open new tab and take to folder
  • [RUNNR-4712] – :inbox_tray: File Request – Add :email: Message Box to Upload Request URL :link:
  • [RUNNR-4703] – :inbox_tray: File Request – :heavy_plus_sign: Add :ballot_box_with_check: Checkbox to Notify Uploader Who Is An Uploader to Request File URL :link:
  • [RUNNR-4691] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – :thread: Stitch Videos Together – API
  • [RUNNR-4690] –  UI Functionality / Component – Drag and Drop
  • [RUNNR-4687] –  Folder Action – Schedule Delete based on GPMS Title release date
  • [RUNNR-4643] – :file_folder: Folders – :memo: Sticky Notes or an “About this Folder” modal on Folders – Back End
  • [RUNNR-4525] – :card_file_box: Request Files – Include Original :outbox_tray: Uploader :speech_balloon: Message On Request History “Assets” Tab
  • [RUNNR-3829] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – :thread: Stitch Videos Together – Front End

Release Notes – 05.13.21


  • [RUNNR-4702] –  Share URL, Download enabled – we say assets are grayed out, but they still seem selectable / the graying out is kind of unclear
  • [RUNNR-4696] – If you schedule an action for an asset, the “choose folders to delete from” modal does not load folder entries until you cancel the action.
  • [RUNNR-4684] – Validate/Prevent preview-only Share URLs that try to share status:‘created’ assets
  • [RUNNR-4663] – Added Value videos with subtitle_asset_item_ids that were uploaded before February 01, 2019 do not play; they throw a 422
  • [RUNNR-4662] – Dynamic Subtitles for SPHE Added Value videos do not display subtitle text in player window



  • [RUNNR-4715] – VOCAB – +3 language values for Central Asia, +1 CMDG vendor
  • [RUNNR-4699] – Folder icon brightness on ‘upload’ page in dark mode is darker than lightmode and looks unselectable
  • [RUNNR-4697] – Highlight moused-over filename text in Activity Page – Shares – Share Info
  • [RUNNR-4694] – Google Analytics – Add tag for click Export Contact Sheet
  • [RUNNR-4693] – VOCAB – New am_vendor
  • [RUNNR-4599] – Upload Wizard Box Visual Enhancement
  • [RUNNR-4579] – Add a tooltip on Hover for “Refresh” button on Upload Status tab
  • [RUNNR-4577] – Remove Empty Bottom Bar on Upload In Progress Screen
  • [RUNNR-4574] – POC Experiment: Set up a placeholder in Runner (Not visible in PRD)
    [RUNNR-4568] – copy service optimization



  • [RUNNR-4689] – Update Request Details with Email Address for File Request URL
  • [RUNNR-4666] – Filter Drawer – mouseover Folder Name to see full folder directory path
  • [RUNNR-4641] – :bust_in_silhouette: Admin – Make Collapsible Folders in :deciduous_tree: Tree Clickable to Navigate to Folder.
  • [RUNNR-4604] Share URL – :link: Password :closed_lock_with_key: Protected Share Link (Related to RUNNR-4545)

Release Notes – 04.29.21


  • [RUNNR-4678] – 500 on update_archive_ats endpoint
  • [RUNNR-4671]:new_moon: Dark Mode – Change “Favorite” Star Icons Color on Template Selection Page
  • [RUNNR-4667] – Activity Pages – Shares – Only showing the last 100 records? Paginate or extend scroll
  • [RUNNR-4659] – Advanced Search: Search by File Extension Not Working
  • [RUNNR-4645] – Advanced Title Search modal fields are off size





  • [RUNNR-4622]:file_folder: Folders – Folder Icons/Badges for :bust_in_silhouette: Admin and Subscriptions
  • [RUNNR-4603]:file_cabinet: Filters Drawer – Better Way of Expanding :arrow_right: Drawer
  • [RUNNR-4544]:arrow_upper_right: Activity Page – :pencil2: Edit File Request Details
  • [RUNNR-4526] – :card_file_box: File Request – Add Request File Link :link: URL 

Release Notes – 04.15.21


  • [RUNNR-4624] – Share expiration extends deep_archive_at timestamp into the future instead of restore-related timestamps?

  • [RUNNR-4617] – Assets’ deep_archive_at timestamps do not stay in sync for duplicate asset records if one asset is shared and the other is not


  • [RUNNR-4647] – VOCAB – +1 QC Report Vendor value for SPT DAM

  • [RUNNR-4632[ – TEMPLATE – 3 new templates for MPG GAH – Publicity – Austria, Germany, Spain

  • [RUNNR-4630] – Sony DAM Filename Convention – adding m.o.w. and other gpms title_types into the filename

  • [RUNNR-4628] – Safari – Forensic WM page – remove cautionary banner

  • [RUNNR-4626] – Provide creator/recipient data for ProRes Watermarks

  • [RUNNR-4623] – EVENT filename parser for Screeners – Add more Lang and Event codes

  • [RUNNR-4621] – VOCAB – New custom_metadata field for SP Connect – category: ‘connect’ – label: ‘connect_rpm_package_id’

  • [RUNNR-4618] – TEMPLATE – SONY DAM Ancillary template changes & closed caption vocab

  • [RUNNR-4611] -VOCAB – Oriya, Graphics Collect, SPT Events, QC Vendors

  • [RUNNR-4607] – asset_class:archive assets that are in ‘deep archive’ don’t show asset class icons or archive state icons

  • [RUNNR-4606] – TEMPLATE – MPG Global Asset Hub template name changes + value changes + 1 new template

  • [RUNNR-4598] – Add Tooltip to Edit Metadata Expand Drawer Arrow Icon

  • [RUNNR-4594] – Homepage – Replace the “X” on hover in the “Favorited Folders” Widget

  • [RUNNR-4589] – Prevent duplicate folder_subscription types for the same folder + and broken subscriptions from user_preferences + lost folder access

  • [RUNNR-4575] – Research: Integration with Aperture/SOLR

  • [RUNNR-4554] – Automated Request Form – SPHE + MPG Folder group changes


  • [RUNNR-4620] – PACKAGES – Make Custom Thumbnail Proxy Downloadable on Shares

  • [RUNNR-4616] – Make Asset Details page’s preview image larger (like search results)

  • [RUNNR-4587] – 📧 Share – ↙️ Export/Download ⬇️ Contact Sheet from Share

  • [RUNNR-4582] – Add Folder Path for Favorited Folders on Homepage

  • [RUNNR-4571] – 🗃️ Request Files – Include Original 👤 Sender 💬 Message On Uploader Page

  • [RUNNR-4535] – 🏠 Homepage – ⏱️ Recent 📁 Folders on Home Page

  • [RUNNR-4503] – 🔍 Search – Ability to Filter by 📁 Folders in Results

  • [RUNNR-4208] – PACKAGES – Make Custom Thumbnail Proxy Downloadable on Asset Details

  • [RUNNR-3124] – Display Alpha Title pill on assets in cart