Category: Manage Assets (Mobile)

Sort Assets – Mobile


Step 1: To organize the view of all assets, select the sort button.

Step 2: The options to sort by ‘Relevance’, ‘Name’, ‘Time’, ‘Title’, ‘Size’, and ‘Upload Date’ are available to select from. i.e. Sorting by ‘Type’ will rearrange assets to organize grouping in asset type. 

Filter Assets – Mobile


Step 1: Enter a search term in the search bar. Assets returned will be displayed based on your search criteria and sorted by relevance. Refine your search results by selecting metadata filters from the filters menu on the top right corner.

Step 2: To collapse a filter category in the filters drawer, select . To expand a filter category, select .

Step 3: To search the expanded filter category, type in the search bar a search term. To search within the expanded filter category, enter a relevant search term in the search bar. We implemented a typeahead search, so if you type ‘p’ Runner will automatically display search results beginning with the letter ‘p’. 

Step 4: The selected filters will display in the filters menu after tapping the back arrow. Then selecting ‘Apply’ will allow your search results page to load with new search results.