Share URL – Mobile

Begin by navigating to the Asset Detail page and selecting the icon.

Step 1: Navigate to the asset(s) you would like to share and select the icon from the context menu.

Step 2: Select ‘Share URL’ and select the permissions, expiration date, preview limit, and download limit for this share. **Runner Mobile does support watermarking


Preview Only: recipients can only view the asset(s), but not download them
Download: recipients can preview and download the asset(s)
Proxy Only Download: recipients can preview and download the asset’s proxies
Auto-Preview: will preview the asset(s) automatically when the recipient opens the share
Protected Share: will prevent shares from being forwarded to unintended recipients (the recipient will have to verify themselves in order to access the shared assets)
Include Metadata: recipients can view metadata associated with the shared asset(s)

Step 3: After all selections have been made, select ‘Generate Link’ and then select ‘Copy Link’ to copy the share link.