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About Runner

Runner is a build-out of a next-generation cloud storage and sharing platform to centrally store, manage, review, and distribute digital files to users worldwide.

We're constantly improving Runner, so you’ll notice that certain features have more of an experimental feel, and that the interface changes on a frequent basis. Please bear with us as we continue to evolve Sony’s next generation media asset management platform.

This site provides steps on how to get the most out of Runner so that you can get started in no time. Many of the functions in Runner require specific permissions to be assigned to your account. If you are unable to perform a specific action for an asset that you need, please contact the asset owner to request for access.

Lastly, we’re here to help! Contact for additional assistance.


By default, logging in to Runner requires your SPE IDM username and password.

All Runner users with admin status and/or access to sensitive content (classification: “secret”) are now required to log in with Two Factor Authentication (TFA).

Two Factor Authentication

TFA Troubleshooting FAQ

Search for Assets

Global Search

Folder Search

Search Subscriptions

Filter Assets

Share Assets

Share Single Asset

Share Multiple Assets

Protected Shares

Share from Upload

Proxy Only Download Shares

Limit View and Download on Shares

Visible Watermarking

Forensic Watermarking

Burn-in Watermarking

Retrieve Assets from Archive

When assets have not been used in Runner for a certain amount of time, they go to a different storage solution that takes around 5-6 hours to retrieve. They would be available for download once they have been retrieved.

Single Asset

Multiple Assets

Manage Assets


Create a Folder

Favorite Folders

Rename a Folder

Delete a Folder

Navigate in Folders



Folder Package Upload

Upload with Existing Metadata



Basic Upload


Copy Assets

Move Assets

Delete Assets

Request Files to Folder

Linked Assets

Alpha Titles

Advanced Title Search


Download from Asset Details

Download from Search

Batch Download

Folder Package Download

Activity Page

Upload Status

Share History

File Request

User Preferences Page

General Preferences

Subscription Preferences

Manage Carts

Create a Cart

Rename a Cart

Delete a Cart

Add Single Asset to Cart

Add Multiple Assets to Cart

Delegated Admin *for content owners and IT support only

Navigate to Admin Portal

Create a Runner Account

Folder Assignments and Permissions

User List From Folders View


Folder Delete Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aspera Connect?

About Aspera Connect