Release notes – 10.15.21

Video Player timecode overlay, Request Files auto-rename + alphas, easier GPMS title searching, MPG photo_request Contact Sheet, Batch Retrieve from searches/folders, Rename from inside folder, UI Improvements & polishes (clipboard, info bubbles, menu scroll)


  • [RUNNR-5002] – New ‘additional_proxy’ –> “Runner-PIX-Specs” updates for MCS Connect, other places
  • [RUNNR-4997] – Timeout modal doesn’t always reload after session ends
  • [RUNNR-4993] – DCS Support – 10
  • [RUNNR-4989] – Add ‘asset_management.am_vendor’ to the metadata filter drawer
  • [RUNNR-4988] – Filter Drawer and other Metadata Fixes – ‘cmdg_vendor’ –> ‘dcs_vendor’
  • [RUNNR-4987] – Hover-Over Text or Info Icon for share page share options
  • [RUNNR-4976] – Search Filter aggregations display wrong alpha name
  • [RUNNR-4971] – Backend – Install Qualys Agent on both QA and Prod EC2 instances
  • [RUNNR-4970] – VOCAB – new dcs_vendor, social media subtype
  • [RUNNR-4969] – content_details.creation_date’s entered timestamp is affected by the workstation/computer’s timezone and leads to visual discrepancies
  • [RUNNR-4953] – :e-mail: Share – Turn Recipient Names to :three_button_mouse: 1-Click Chip Removals:name_badge::heavy_multiplication_x:
  • [RUNNR-4947] – DCS Support – 9
  • [RUNNR-4944] – /asset_items/accessible throws 500s when you try to share a batch of assets that includes a Runner-available asset that is, in truth, perma-deleted in MCS
  • [RUNNR-4941] – GPMS Title Search – fuzzier gpms episode # search


  • [RUNNR-4998] – Runner – Support IDM/Gigya failover support for login
  • [RUNNR-4986] – Contact Sheets – include more metadata for theatrical photo teams, change display
  • [RUNNR-4978] – Request Files – allow auto-rename metadata templates to rename files from the uploader’s edit metadata page
  • [RUNNR-4977] – Request Files – restore “allow uploader to add alpha title metadata”
    [RUNNR-4958] – Filter by Archive Status- archived/deep archived/not archived assets
  • [RUNNR-4945] – Use MCS Timecode in video player instead of relying on generating timecode proxies
  • [RUNNR-4922] – Elastic Search overhaul – revised search text syntax to support Advanced Search page (results not filtering correctly)
  • [RUNNR-4861] – :memo: Edit Metadata – Add ‘Manage’ Clipboard :clipboard:Button to Upper Navbar in Edit Metadata
    [RUNNR-4734] –  Add :arrow_up_down: Vertical Scroll for Context Menu for Smaller Size Window
  • [RUNNR-4656] –:file_folder: Folders – :pencil2: Rename Folder From Any Folder Page
  • [RUNNR-4468] – Make Batch :file_cabinet: Archive Retrieval available in folder + search views