Release Notes – 09.22.21

Improved subscription from folder page, Alphas in Batch Metadata Edits and searches, DR OZ improvements, Import from Ci improvements, Better Session Timeouts, Tool for Admins and Subscriptions, GPMS + Alpha ID tagging folder action.



  • [RUNNR-4965] – Decrease Granite per-process memory footprint
  • [RUNNR-4961] – Distribution Lists – dark mode display weirdness for rename text box
  • [RUNNR-4956] – Non-Admin’s current folder name has unnecessary ellipsis / truncation?
  • [RUNNR-4954] – Active Custom Search Subscription ‘cancel subscription’ Button in Filters Drawer blocks new subscription enrollment if you filter further
  • [RUNNR-4949] –:inbox_tray:  File Request – Metadata Edit Page – Add Apply Button (no way to tag single assets)
  • [RUNNR-4948] –:skull::wastebasket: – Live assets can be trashed and eventually deleted in MCS if they have “status: uploaded” and all of their “complete” duplicates/siblings are deleted
  • [RUNNR-4943] – “Share Folder” context menu option erroneously displays in asset-item context menus
  • [RUNNR-4940] – Asset Details Page – deleting asset from 1 of multiple folders boots you back to homepage
  • [RUNNR-4936] – VOCAB – Various fields, many subtypes
    [RUNNR-4933] – DR OZ Promo Hotfolder – Textless Split Revision handling ( –>
  • [RUNNR-4926] – DCS Support – 8
  • [RUNNR-4916] – Support array data formatting for ‘import from ci’ metadata tagging
  • [RUNNR-4910] – Preview-only shares’ share_id search pages disregard your valid permissions to assets (superset problems?)
  • [RUNNR-4903] – TEMPLATE – DCS Ancillary Assets – more updates
  • [RUNNR-4894] – TEMPLATE – DCS Dubbed Audio, DCS Dubbed Paperwork
  • [RUNNR-4892] – carat on type-of-search selector is a non-clickable space
  • [RUNNR-4698] – :shopping_trolley: Carts – Make “Open” Cart Drawer Button More Clear
  • [RUNNR-4686 Add] – :art: Background Color On Selected Assets For All Views


  • [RUNNR-4960] – DR OZ Promo Hotfolder – reduce link group / promo batch from 10 to 8
  • [RUNNR-4950] – Folder Action – tag_gpms_id -> expand to include alphas
  • [RUNNR-4939] –  Notifications – SysAdmin “back door” into user preferences to add/remove subscriptions in bulk more easily
  • [RUNNR-4934] –  Cart / Batch Metadata Edit Form – :warning: tagged alphas don’t display in the batch metadata edit form and can be nullified if form is applied
  • [RUNNR-4919] –  Address Session Timeouts for Shares / File Requests / HTTP Uploads
  • [RUNNR-4911] – :e-mail: Share – :pencil2: Rename :ledger: Distribution List
  • [RUNNR-4898] – Import from Ci – MPG Trailers – correct the tagging of CDSLs and other documents to Scripts > Trailer
  • [RUNNR-4452] – UI – Make “subscribe to Folder activity via folder view banner icon in upper left” have the same display and behavior as User Preferences’ tool (expand+collapse folder trees, add “replace” subscription column, support inheritance onto subfolders?)