Release Notes – 10.01.20


  • [RUNNR-3782] – Content Licensing: Hotfolder for content licensing scenes files
  • [RUNNR-4102] – Include Image Thumbnails in Email Share email
  • [RUNNR-4165] – Toggle to filter Folder visibility on Global Search Results
  • [RUNNR-4181] – Enter Search Terms
  • [RUNNR-4192] – GMDM Scene Mapping – (Scene matched MD)
  • [RUNNR-4210] – Generate Search Results Report as a XLXS File
  • [RUNNR-4211] – Generate assets list contained in a Folder report as a XLXS File
  • [RUNNR-4213] – Clear out Failure Reasons if “Pass” or “Not Requested” is selected for QC Status
  • [RUNNR-4234] – Advanced Search – support multiple pixel dimension inputs
  • [RUNNR-4283] – Split Story for RUNNR-4210 and RUNNR4211 – Fields for Reporting and Order of Columns


  • [RUNNR-3917] – Investigate Test Suite Performance
  • [RUNNR-4107] – Stop Excluding/Filtering out “status: expired” GPMS titles from Runner title lookup
  • [RUNNR-4175] – Tech Investigation – Aspera Preference: “Always ask me for download destination” causes errors for batch downloads of packages
  • [RUNNR-4196] – Search Indexing Failures – Investigation Card
  • [RUNNR-4212] – Reporting Architecture Tech Investigation
  • [RUNNR-4256] – Modal Design – Folder Admin > Subscription’s column headers should docked with data, not scroll away
  • [RUNNR-4258] – Visual Indicator for Archive Icons – Deep Glacier Archived vs Glacier Archived
  • [RUNNR-4259] – Creation Date is not being written into filenames by SONY DAM Auto Rename Templates – but it works with the old “SPT DAM” templates
  • [RUNNR-4263] – VOCAB – New Language Dub/Audio value: Oriya + Photo Approval Status: “Split Approval”
  • [RUNNR-4272] – QC Reports – Add New Field to Form, Verbiage Tweaks on display areas
  • [RUNNR-4280] – Automated Request Form – Remove Departed Admins, Red Band Trailers access check
  • [RUNNR-4286] – VOCAB – 2 New Values for Content Details > Social Media Type


  • [RUNNR-4266] – Newer Packages’ thumbnails do not display on Asset Details page; /api/v1/asset_items/image_preview returns a null URL.
  • [RUNNR-4267] – “Kill Request Files” button on activity page throws 500s – file requests cannot be expired
  • [RUNNR-4271] – Validate Preview API calls on share pages against link’s expiration
  • [RUNNR-4281] – Advanced Search: Search by Pixel Dimensions Issue
  • [RUNNR-4282] – Advanced Search: Prior search criteria is not displayed on Advanced Search