Release Notes – 07.30.21

Package Hotfolders, Schedule Share, Runner Mobile search, Cart Share and Multi-Delete, Import from Ci strengthening



[RUNNR-4879] – rtfm transfers with error messages are coming back as in progress
[RUNNR-4847] – Folder Admin – after setting a folder’s asset delete policy to a positive value (i.e. 30 days) , you can’t revert to “Never” – 500 response
[RUNNR-4841] – Play button displays on package’s thumbnail previews even if they do not have a preview video
[RUNNR-4810] – Some share image burn-ins fail to send


[RUNNR-4869] – Automated Request Form – Prepopulate Division value: “External” for users that select Company: not-SPE/Other
[RUNNR-4867] – VOCAB – Various (2021-07-19)
[RUNNR-4863] – Metadata – Curation Group – missing translation for “content_details.curation_group” in Metadata Edit History + form display weirdness
[RUNNR-4862] – Upload Page – Change “Folders Not Allowed” text for HTTP package attempt to “Folders Not Allowed For HTTP Transfers”
[RUNNR-4860] – ‘include folders in search’ weirdness – crash to top-level folders page?
[RUNNR-4858] – Folder Note displayed in dark mode ‘search that includes folders’ is wonky
[RUNNR-4857]  Share Folder from ‘search results including folders’ should return you to search after sharing
[RUNNR-4856] – Automated Request Form – necessary subfolders for TV, CMDG Clips, etc are not being added when the requested group is approved
[RUNNR-4855] – Add Back File Request Email option “Include all recipients on upload notifications” to the email request page
[RUNNR-4848] – Update “Uploading…” Loading Screen :capital_abcd: Text
[RUNNR-4834] – TEMPLATE – 1 small DCS Ancillary Change (presentation aspect ratio)
[RUNNR-4831] – Advanced Title Search’s filters don’t filter sequentially
[RUNNR-4808] – DBB Asset Migration Support – 5
[RUNNR-4803] – :file_folder: Folders – Add a ‘Add Folder Note” :spiral_note_pad: Option to Folder Context Menu (All Views)
[RUNNR-4790] – TEMPLATE – Sony DAM audio_configuration+audio_content value filtering
[RUNNR-4788] – Fix ‘download’ option from the new “copy from share” no-access page, [RUNNR-4159]
[RUNNR-4774] – Asset Details’ larger image preview button on the thumbnail doesn’t work for some assets


[RUNNR-4883] – “Magic String” destination path for push delivery Folder Action
[RUNNR-4866] – Screeners Hotfolder – EVENT Parser – case insensitivity handling – “CLEAN” subtitle/text etc
[RUNNR-4851] – Import from Ci – +1 Asset Type for MPG Trailers Naming Convention Tagging
[RUNNR-4837] – Import from Ci – asset_type + subtype tagging – case insensitivity
[RUNNR-4835] – “Loading” spinners/spirals for changing between hybrid/grid/list view and loading share page
[RUNNR-4811] – Packages – automatically apply thumbnail image (similar to 4749)
[RUNNR-4796] – ‘include folders in search results’ does not add a line item context menu (or folder selector) to the row/search result
[RUNNR-4789] – Hotfolder Ingest for packages – SPE VFX Reuse Group
[RUNNR-4780] – :outbox_tray::link: File Request URL – Allow Uploader to :pencil2: Edit Metadata
[RUNNR-4769] –  Runner Mobile :iphone: – :abc: Plaintext Filename :mag_right:Search
[RUNNR-4680] – :email: Share – Schedule Email Share :watch::point_left: For Ready To Release
[RUNNR-4654] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – 1-Click Cart :arrow_upper_right: Share
[RUNNR-3778] – :shopping_trolley: Cart – :wastebasket: Delete Multiple Carts