Release Notes – 03.24.21


  • [RUNNR-4609] – Runner S3 push will error when duplicate asset is used
  • [RUNNR-4576] – Share toggle on Share URL Link Generated Not Working
    [RUNNR-4570] – S3 copy folder action sends “success” notification even if S3 account does not have “PutObject” permission.
  • [RUNNR-4559] – “Drag Files and Folders” phrase/image on Request Files is so nice, we show it twice (on scroll)
  • [RUNNR-4548] – Replace “Favorite” Star on Move and Copy to Folders Modals
  • [RUNNR-4547] – Opened Sort Dropdown Menu Highlights Export Button
  • [RUNNR-4546] – Unable to navigate back to Folders after navigating in List View
  • [RUNNR-4077] – “Keep Assets Selected” user preference breaks “range selection” shift clicking on search page


  • [RUNNR-4593] – Add unique constraint for folder_permissions
  • [RUNNR-4592] – Template – Sony DAM – AutoRename Convention – vocab ordering in filename for “Image Content > Pedigree”
  • [RUNNR-4581] – VOCAB – Merge 2 social media types + other stuff
    [RUNNR-4578] – Resize “Upload” icon in Drag in Image Box
  • [RUNNR-4555] – Highlight title/alpha pills in Hybrid view when you mouse over them
  • [RUNNR-4549] – File Requests – Add Text For When No Metadata Applied On “Summary & Send” Step
  • [RUNNR-4540] – Migrate to Confluence
  • [RUNNR-4506] – Research to make global search fuzzier / Investigate lexeme relevance & scoring for inexact match
  • [RUNNR-4473] – Add tool tip for Actions icon
  • [RUNNR-4435] – Upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.9
  • [RUNNR-4136] – Asset Subtypes stay on asset record if you change to an Asset Type that doesn’t have that mapping


  • [RUNNR-4615] – Screeners Hotfolder – EVENT Parser changes (case sensitivity)
  • [RUNNR-4613] – Share Sender / Recipient Info Endpoint
  • [RUNNR-4605] – Restore ‘update_thumbnail’ record/transaction to asset_item_logs
  • [RUNNR-4567] – Runner Metrics – Add-On To Overview Dashboard: Total Number of Assets By Asset Class aka Content Type
  • [RUNNR-4556] – The Pill That Was Hard to Kill: a ‘metadata edit’ story
  • [RUNNR-4543] – Modals – Support HTTP upload for replacements + add upload tool toggle on asset replace modal
  • [RUNNR-4536] – Support HTTP upload for the replacements + revisions APIs
  • [RUNNR-4523] – Folders – Add a :star: ‘Favorite’ star outline to copy + move modals and Upload’s folder selection to make favoriting folders easier
  • [RUNNR-4518] – :e-mail: :bell: Notifications – Include Thumbnails in Notification Emails
  • [RUNNR-4410] – UI element for creating sub-folders on S3 location.
  • [RUNNR-4407] –  Newly created folders inherit the folder_actions properties of parent folder
  • [RUNNR-3407] – :new: New Selection Interaction for Labels with 2 Values :radio_button: (Radio Buttons)
  • [RUNNR-3069] – Include Folders in Hybrid View in Cart