Release Notes – 03.03.21


  • [RUNNR-4551] – The tech_info.frame_rate field blocked from display on document and binary asset types in the edit metadata form

  • [RUNNR-4542] – VOCAB – 2x new Social Media Type values; and a template subtype removal

  • [RUNNR-4537] – Add new SPT DAM Vendor value to QC Report – “The Refinery”

  • [RUNNR-4529] – Rename Asset modal treats periods in package filenames as file extension separators, preventing edits to full string

  • [RUNNR-4519] – Investigative Chore – Image Resize shares seem suspiciously slow, seriously!

  • [RUNNR-4516] – TEMPLATE – “Sony DAM Ancillary Assets” + New Subtitle subtype, Pedrigree image content

  • [RUNNR-4500] – Update MCS Archive Status – Deep Archive Bulk Request was completed by MCS

  • [RUNNR-4492] – Update to Ruby on Rails 6.1+


  • [RUNNR-4532] – Keep video player’s timeline/timecode displayed when video is paused

  • [RUNNR-4515] – Display # of Assets selected for Batch Edit Metadata

  • [RUNNR-4508] – Activity Pages – expand admin view ability into ‘share history’ or ‘file request’ tabs

  • [RUNNR-4483] – Screeners Hotfolder – “EVENT” Filename Convention parser and tagger

  • [RUNNR-4462] – :file_folder: Folders – :arrow_left: Return to Context of the Folder while on Upload

  • [RUNNR-3706] – Support multiple thumbnails for same mcs asset (Upload)

  • [RUNNR-3129] – Advanced Search – Filter Search Results by :date: Date Created


  • [RUNNR-4517] – For Package Replacements, the front end is not supplying a manifest to the backend, so MCS/Runner has no idea what the count is?

  • [RUNNR-4419] – Asperadmg$ hotfolder sometimes does not delete a successfully transferred file from isilon

  • [RUNNR-4246] – “Keep Assets Selected” User Preference has weird selection bubble behavior on search pages after sharing