Visible Watermarking

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Visible Watermark adds an additional layer of protection to video previews being shared to recipients.

Getting Started


Step 1

Create an email share for the video(s) you’d like to share.


Step 2

Set the share permissions to preview only.

Pencil.jpg Note: Visible watermarking is only available with preview only shares.


Step 3

Under ‘Watermark Options,’ select ‘Visible.’


Step 4

Enter your text that will be displayed on each asset as the visible watermark.

Pencil.jpg Note:The preview window shows how the visible watermark will be overlaid on each video.

Pencil.jpg Note:If the user leaves the ‘Visible Watermark’ text field blank, there will be no visible watermark overlaid on the video(s).

Step 5

When you have entered all information and edits, click ‘Share’ to share your asset(s).


Step 6

Share recipients will view the visible watermark, per asset, on the email share page.