Upload with Existing Metadata

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Upload existing 01.png

Step 1

Navigate to the asset that has metadata that you would like your uploaded files to include. Click the Context menu.png icon and select the ‘Upload with Existing Metadata’ option from the menu.

Upload existing 02.png

Step 2

A metadata template modal will appear. Choose the template that you’d like to apply to your upload.

Upload existing 03.png
Upload existing 04.png

Step 3

Drag files that you would like to upload into the browser window, or use the ‘Add Files’ button.

Upload existing 04-2.png

Step 4

Using theBubble empty 2.pngicon, select the folder(s) you would like to upload to. TheBubble checked 2.pngicon indicates a successful selection. You can expand folders using the Folder expand.png icon or collapse folders using the Folder collapse.png icon. Your Favorite Folders will automatically be listed first at the top.

Pencil.jpg Note: A lighter shaded folder icon such as Folder blocked.png indicates you do not have permission to upload to that folder.

Step 5

After selecting all files, click 'Upload' to begin uploading your files.

Upload existing 05.png

Step 6

Any metadata from the existing asset that applies to the metadata template you had selected will be applied to your newly uploaded assets. While the upload is processing, you can still choose to add or edit metadata.

Upload existing 06.png

Step 8 (optional)

You can select the manage icon on the top right to access the Manage modal for further options.

Clicking 'Add Metadata' will take you to the Metadata Template Page. See Metadata for more information on tagging assets with metadata.

Clicking 'Upload Thumbnail' will lead you to the Update Thumbnail Page where you can upload images to update the thumbnail for each asset selected. See the Thumbnail page [1] in the wiki for a detailed walkthrough.

Clicking 'Upload Status' will lead you to the Activity Page where you can review or monitor the complete, in-progress, or failed transactions. See Activity Page for more information.

Clicking 'View Assets' will lead you to the folder you chose to upload your assets to.