Two Factor Authentication

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Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) includes an added layer of security that requires not just a username and password, but input from a physical token as well (in this case, your phone). TFA affirms you are the intended user and protects from potential intruders attempting to use your account.

All Runner users with admin status and/or access to sensitive content (classification: “secret”) are now required to log in with TFA.

Getting Started:

2FA 1.png

Step 1

Enter your username and password

2FA 3.png

Step 2

Download the Google Authenticator app

-App Store
-Google Play Store

***A Google account is not required for using Google Authenticator and the app will not automatically connect to any existing Google accounts that you may have***

Step 3

Within the app

-Tap 'Set up Account'
-Tap 'Scan Barcode'
-Point your camera at the QR code
-Receive unique 6-digit token (The clock icon on your mobile device will let you know how much time is left before the verification code expires and a new one is generated).

2FA 5.png

Step 4

Enter 6-digit token into field

Step 5

Click verify

***Your Google Authenticator app is not set up with Runner until the QR code is scanned and your corresponding token is entered. If the registration process is incomplete, you will have to repeat the process until the token is entered and verified.***