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Update Asset Thumbnail

Update thumbnail 1.png

The Upload Thumbnail page will allow you to upload thumbnails for selected assets. You can reach this page by selecting 'Update Thumbnail' in the 'Manage' Modal after an upload.

Update thumbnail 2.png

Step 1

Select the files that you want to update the thumbnail of.

Update thumbnail 3.png

Step 2

Drag the thumbnail image to the upload window.

Update thumbnail 4.png

Step 3

After dragging to the upload window, you should now see the image you want to apply as a thumbnail.

Click "APPLY" in the bottom right corner to confirm.

Update thumbnail 5.png

Step 4

You will receive a brief popup confirmation image confirming that the thumbnail(s) have been updated.

Update thumbnail 6.png

Step 5

Updated thumbnail(s) will now be viewable in grid and hybrid views.