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Subscribing a user to a folder will allow that user to receive email notifications when new assets are uploaded, removed, or retrieved from archive from that folder.


Step 1

In the Runner Admin Portal, navigate to Folders.

Step 2

Locate the folder you would like to update and click the “Users” button under, "Subscription."

Pencil.jpg Note: If there are already subscribers to the folder, the button will instead read as the number of Users subscribed. For example, a button may read “2 User(s)”


Step 3

A "Folder Subscription List" modal will appear upon which you can enter the email address(es) of the user(s) you would like to subscribe to that folder. After you enter the email address(es), click the "Add" button.

Pencil.jpg Note: The modal will also display the current subscribers to that folder, which you can edit as well.


Step 4

The email address(es) you entered will be added to the list of current subscribers to that folder at the bottom of the modal. Select or deselect the selection bubbles depending on when you want users to be notified when someone adds assets, removes assets, or retrieves assets from archive from that folder. Runner will default to selecting "Assets Added" meaning the user will be notified anytime someone adds an asset to that folder.

Pencil.jpg Note: To unsubscribe a user from the Folder's subscription list, unselect all of their selection bubbles, close the modal, and they'll immediately be unsubscribed from that folder.


Step 5

An email notification will be sent to users when a new asset is added, deleted, or retrieved from archive from that folder, depending on that user's subscription settings.