Subscription Preferences

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Subscription preferences allows users to manage their search and folder subscription settings.These preferences are tied to your Runner account, so no matter what device you use, your preferences will be saved.

Pencil.jpg Note: Updating any of these options elsewhere in Runner will not update the settings in the general preferences page.


Step 1

Navigate to the gear icon in the navigation bar and select user preferences.


Step 2

On the User Preferences page, there’s a tab in the upper, right-hand corner that indicates General and Subscription preferences. Click the "Subscription" button to modify your subscription preferences.


Step 3

To manage a search subscription, click on a subscription in the table.


Step 4

A modal will appear where you can modify the subscription name and email frequency, as well as unsubscribe from the subscription. To adjust the email frequency, select the dropdown menu and select whether you’d like to receive email notification immediately, hourly, or daily.


Step 5

To manage a folder subscription, find the subscription you’d like to modify in the table and select which key asset events you’d like to receive instant email notifications for.


Step 6

Some sub-folders that you’re subscribed to might be hidden. To view these folders expand the folders that have the Folder expand.png icon to modify those folder subscriptions.