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Users can create an email share from the upload wizard. Runner will send the share immediately after the assets finish uploading. Pencil.jpg Note: All share activity is logged in Runner.

Email Share


Step 1

After uploading assets, select the "email share" button in the manage modal.


Step 2

Enter one or more recipients’ email addresses into the ‘To’ field, modify the ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ fields as needed.

Pencil.jpg You can also change the following options related to the share:

  • Preview only will allow users to view the asset, but not download them.
  • Download will allow recipients to both preview and download the asset from the share email.
  • Expiration date on Runner is defaulted to one week, but can also be adjusted.
  • Protected share will prevent shares from being forwarded to unintended recipients (the receiver will have to verify themselves in order to access shared assets).
  • Include metadata will allow the recipient(s) to view metadata associated with the shared assets.

When you've added all your edits, click the "share" button to share the asset(s).


Step 3

Success! Your assets will be shared with the recipient(s) upon ingest. Once complete, they will see an email notification similar to the one below:


Email Notification