Share Multiple Assets

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Pencil.jpg Note: All share activity is logged in Runner.


Step 1

Locate the files you would like to share and using the Selectionbubbleicon.png icon, select the asset(s) you would like to share. The Selectedbubbleicon.png icon indicates a successful selection.


Step 2

After selecting the assets, use the Doticon.png icon to share the assets via email or url.


Step 3

A 'Share' page will appear. To change the permissions on your share select 'Preview Only' which will allow users to view the asset, but not download them or select 'Download' which will allow recipients to both preview and download the asset from the share email. The Auto-Preview function will allow the recipient to immediately preview the asset (if applicable) upon opening the share page.


Step 4

You also have the option to deselect assets if you decide that you want to send less assets than you originally selected. Using the Selectedbubbleicon.png icon, select the asset(s) you would like to deselect. The Selectionbubbleicon.png icon indicates a successful deselection.


Step 5

To change the expiration date of the share, click the Calendaricon.png icon. The selected expiration date will be highlighted on the calendar and displayed in the 'Expiration' field. You can also type in your preferred expiration date.


Step 6

When you have finished editing your preferred settings for the share, click the ‘Share’ button.


Step 7

An email will be sent to the specified recipients and a copy will be sent to you automatically. Click on the "View Assets" button to navigate to the share landing page (no login required).


Step 8

To preview the asset, click on the thumbnail. You can also view the asset's details by clicking the Viewassetsicon.png icon or clicking on the 'View in Runner' button (which requires a Runner account).


Step 9

You can also download each asset by clicking the Downloadicon.png icon or clicking on the 'Download Selected' button. When you click on the download button, you have the option to download your assets using Aspera or HTTP.

If you haven’t already, the add-on can be downloaded and installed at:

Lightbulb14.jpg Did You Know? Aspera utilizes a proprietary transfer algorithm and connects over UDP protocol, which means that large files can be moved much more quickly than using standard upload over HTTP/TCP protocol - often twice as fast.

Additionally, Aspera transfers can be paused and resumed, and are more robust when your network connectivity is slow and/or unreliable. For instance, if your internet connection is dropped, any in-progress HTTP downloads and/or uploads are terminated and must be restarted from scratch once your connection comes back. This can be especially frustrating for very large uploads that can take an hour or more. With Aspera, a lost internet connection just results in a paused upload or download. As soon as connectivity is restored, the upload just picks up where it left off.