Request Files to Folder

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Request Files 01.png

Step 1

Navigate into the folder that you would like to have as the destination for your requested files.

Click the Context menu.png icon and select the ‘Request Files’ option from the menu.

Request Files 02.png

Step 2

Choose a metadata template if you’d like to assign metadata automatically to your requested files. If not, click the 'Skip' button to move onto the next page.

Request Files 03.png

Step 3 (optional)

Enter metadata you’d like to assign to your requested files. Once completed, click ‘Next’ to continue. At any time you can go back to the previous screen.

Request Files 04.png

Step 4

Enter any delivery request information you may have for your Request Files uploader. You can also change the expiration date of your request from the default expiration settings with the date picker button.

A copy of the Request Files email that will be generated will be sent to you.

Request Files 05.png
Request Files 06.png
Request Files 07.png

Step 5

Review a summary of your request. Once everything looks good, click ‘Send’ to kick off the request.

A flash will appear to confirm that your request was sent, and your Request Files recipient will receive an email with the request details.