Proxy Only Download Shares

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New share permissions allow you to send downloadable proxies while restricting access to the original source asset. This section describes the process of creating proxy only download shares.

Getting Started


Step 1

Create an email share for the asset(s) you’d like to share.


Step 2

When entering the necessary information for a share, the new share permissions option is visible under ‘permissions.’

Pencil.jpg Note: This option will only be visible for the assets that have proxies.


Step 3

When you have entered in all the information and edits, click ‘Share’ to send the asset.


Step 4

An email will be sent to the specified recipients. A copy of the email will also be sent to you automatically. Click on the "view assets" link to access the share landing page (no login required).


Step 5

To download the proxy, select ‘download selected.’


Step 6

Clicking download will popup a download modal, from which you can download the selected asset’s proxy.