Protected Shares

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Protected shares prevent shares from being forwarded to unintended recipients. The receiver will have to verify themselves in order to access the shared assets. To share sensitive content, select the ‘Yes’ option in the Protected toggled. (See Share Single Asset or Share Multiple Assets for creating a protected share)

This section describes the process of retrieving and accessing assets from a protected share.

Protected 1.png

Step 1

You will receive an email detailing which assets have been shared with you. The email will indicate that it is a protected share. To access the share link, click 'Send Link'.

Protected 2.png

Step 2

Upon pressing 'Send Link', you will be notified that your share link is on its way.

Protected 3.png

Step 3

You will receive a separate email with the link to your assets. To access your share, click "View Assets".

You will only receive this email if you requested a link from the email in Step 1

Protected 4.png


Share links will expire in 5 minutes. If your link expires before you access it, repeat the process beginning from Step 1 and request another share link.