Limit View and Download on Shares

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When creating an email share or generating a share url, users can limit the number of times an asset is previewed or downloaded. This section describes the process of limiting the number of previews and downloads per asset.

Getting Started


Step 1

Create an email share for the asset(s) you’d like to share.


Step 2

Depending on the permissions users apply, preview and/or download limit will be available. To limit the number of downloads allowed per asset, set a download or proxy only download permissions to your share.


Step 3

To apply the number of previews and downloads allowed per asset, select from the dropdown menu ‘custom.’

Pencil.jpg Note: The preview and download limit will default to ‘No Limit’ unless otherwise changed.


Step 4

Enter the number of previews and/or downloads and select ‘set.’


Step 5

When all information has been entered, click ‘Share’ to share your asset(s).


Step 6

An email will be sent to the specified recipients. A copy of the email will also be sent to you automatically. Click on the "view assets" link to access the share landing page (no login required).


Step 7

Share recipients will view the number of previews and downloads per asset on the email share page.


Step 8

On the Activities Page, users can review their shares by selecting a share in the Share History tab. Users can view the number of previews and downloads left on each asset per recipient.