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General Preferences allows users to manage their view, upload, and share preferences. These settings are tied to your Runner account and will be loaded whenever you log into Runner, even across different machines and browsers.

Pencil.jpg Note: Updating any of these options elsewhere in Runner will not update the settings in the general preferences page.

General Preferences 01.png

Step 1

Navigate to the gear icon in the navigation bar and select user preferences.

General Preferences 02.png

Step 2

On the User Preferences page, a tab in the upper, right-hand corner indicates General and Subscription preferences. Click the "General" button to modify your general preferences.

General Preferences 03.png

View Preferences

Under view preferences, you’re able to select your default view, desired assets per page, and default sorting options. To adjust your default Sort value, select a value from the dropdown menu, then select ascending or descending for ordering. Pencil.jpg Note: View Preferences will affect your Folders, Search, and Cart views.

General Preferences 04.png

Share Preferences

For share preferences, you can set default share permissions, a default expiration interval, and whether you’d like all your shares to be protected or include metadata. For managing your default expiration interval, click the dropdown menu to select when your share will expire. The selections you make here will load as your default settings when sending a share.

Pencil.jpg Note: Additional Share Options for ‘Protected’ and ‘Include Metadata’ are independent of each other therefore, both can be selected.

General Preferences 06.png

Cart Preferences

For cart preferences, you can set a preferred cart that allows you to automatically add assets to a specified cart.

Pencil.jpg Note: If you choose to not have a preferred cart, you will manually select a cart every time you wish to add assets to a cart.

General Preferences 05.png

To view additional information on preferred carts, click the Information Icon.png icon to prompt a ‘Cart Information’ modal.

General Preferences 07.png

Upload Preferences

Under upload preferences, you can set your default upload type. To view additional information on each upload type, click the Information Icon.png icon to prompt a "Upload Type Information" modal.