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Users can upload individual assets and folder packages to Runner by two methods: Aspera or Accelerated Upload. Depending on the user's network connection, this determines which upload method is best for uploading assets to Runner. The following section describes the process of uploading a folder package to Runner.

Getting Started


Step 1

Open the Upload Wizard by clicking 'Upload' in the Runner navigation bar.


Step 2

Click the 'Add Folders' button to add your folder package or drag and drop your folder into the space labeled 'Drag Files Here.'

Pencil.jpg Note: You can find the Upload Type button on the bottom right corner of the upload page. Clicking the Upload Type button allows you to toggle between Aspera and Accelerated upload types. You can set your Upload Type preference on the User Preferences page.


Step 3

Once your folder package(s) has been added, click the "Next" button. To remove an asset from the queue, press the corresponding X.png.

Pencil.jpg Note: Runner does not support folder names that contain Unsupported characters.png.


Step 4

After adding your folder package(s) to the upload queue, select the folder(s) you want to add your folder package(s) to by using theBubble empty 2.pngicon. TheBubble checked 2.pngicon indicates a successful selection. You can also expand folders using the Folder expand.png icon or collapse folders using the Folder collapse.png icon. Once you've selected the folder(s), click the "Upload" button.

Pencil.jpg Note: Your Favorite Folders will automatically be listed first at the top.

Pencil.jpg Note: A lighter shaded folder icon such as Folder blocked.png indicates you do not have permission to upload to that folder.


Step 5

While your folder package(s) are uploading, a "Manage" modal and "Aspera" window will appear. The Aspera window will show your folder package(s) upload process while in the "Manage" modal, you can proceed to tag the folder package with metadata, update the folder packages' thumbnails, or check on the status of your upload. If you wish to do neither, simply click the X.png. If you want to re-open the modal, click the Manageicon.png icon at the top right corner.


Step 6

After your folder package(s) has been uploaded, navigate to that folder. Click on the folder package to review the package contents.

Pencil.jpg Note: This FUicon.png icon represents that it is a folder package that contains assets.


Step 7

On the folder package details page, you can review the package content list. To expand the list click Create.png or to collapse the list click Minus.png.


Step 8

View of the package content list expanded.