Folder Delete Policy

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Admins can now set automatic asset deletion policies on their folders. This section describes the process of automating asset removal within folders.

Getting Started


Step 1

In the Runner Admin page, navigate to the ‘Folders’ page in the upper right hand corner. The new column ‘delete policy’ is displayed next to each folder name.


Step 2

Select the ‘delete policy’ dropdown menu and select the frequency of when to automatically remove assets from a particular folder. Assets will be deleted n number of days after the deletion policy is set. For instance, if you set a delete policy of 7 days on the folder ‘bar’, any assets currently in the folder will be deleted in 7 days. Any new assets will be deleted 7 days after they are added to the folder.

Pencil.jpg Note: The delete policy will always be defaulted to ‘never’ unless otherwise changed.


Step 3

After selecting a new ‘delete policy,’ a confirmation modal will flash to confirm the update.


Step 4

Lastly, when you navigate to the folder page, you will see the updated delete policy in the upper left hand corner, underneath the folder name.