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Filters allow users to easily sort and find their assets. This section describes the process of filtering assets.

Getting Started


Step 1

Enter search criteria in the global search bar. Assets returned will be displayed and sorted by relevance. Your search can be further refined by selecting metadata filters from the filters drawer.

Pencil.jpg Note: The more filters you apply, the more specific your search will be and the easier it is to locate assets.


Step 2

To collapse a filter category in the filters drawer, click Minus.png. To expand a filter category entirely in the filters drawer, click Create.png.


Step 3

Click "more" to expand the filter category to display more filters and expose a search bar for that filter category. If you would like to minimize the section so that it isn't expanded, click "less".

Pencil.jpg Note: Once the filter category is expanded, that section is scrollable. If you want to scroll through that section make sure your mouse is hovered over that section.


Step 4

To search the expanded filter category, type in the search bar the title of the asset you're looking for. We implemented a typeahead search, meaning if you type 'p' Runner will automatically display titles only beginning with the letter 'p'. Once you've found the title you're looking for, select Bubble.png.

Pencil.jpg Note: You can select multiple filters from each filter category. For example, users can select both "Peter Rabbit" and "Proud Mary".


Step 5

After the search page has loaded with new search results, your selected filters will be displayed in the filters drawer.

Pencil.jpg Note: To clear your selected filters click Exit4.png or "Clear All."