Create a Runner Account

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Create user 1.png

Step 1

Navigate the the list of users by clicking on 'Users' in the Runner Admin bar.

Select 'Create User' to begin

Create user 2.png

Step 2

Use the different fields to search for the SPE employee that you wish to create an account for then select 'Search'.

Create user 3.png

Step 3

In the results list, locate the SPE employee you would like to create an account for and select 'Enable'.

Create user 5.png

Step 4

Enter in the necessary information of the SPE employee.

Required fields are indicated in highlighted font.

Step 5

Once you have entered in all necessary information, select 'Create User' to create an account.

Pencil.jpg Note: Delegated Admins can only enable a Runner account for an SPE employee. To create an account for a non-SPE user, contact