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Users can create and manage multiple carts with up to 500 assets per cart. The default cart which is named “(User’s Name) Cart” cannot be deleted or renamed.

This section describes the process of creating a cart in Runner.

Getting Started


Step 1

Navigate to the Cart page and click on the “Create Cart” button.


Step 2

Enter a cart name and click on the “Create” button. A confirmation modal will flash to confirm your cart has been created.


Step 3

A new cart has been created!


Step 4

You can also create a cart from the “Add to Cart” modal which is accessible from the global search page, cart page, and folder's page. After you have selected assets and click the AddtoCart.png icon to add your selected assets to your cart,  you can choose to create a new cart from the “Add to Cart” modal. Click the “Create a New Cart” button and enter a name for your new cart then click the “Confirm” button.

Pencil.jpg Note: You cannot create a new cart, then de-select it by clicking this CheckMark.png icon. The cart you just created has to remain selected, otherwise you have to create a new cart from the Cart page.