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Users can add alpha titles when editing metadata to an asset. The alpha title feature will only be available after a GPMS title has been selected. This section describes the process of adding an alpha title to an asset in Runner.

Getting Started


Step 1

When editing metadata, select a template that best matches your workflow. Navigate to the “Title” metadata field and enter a GPMS title to that asset. Once you’ve added a GPMS title, you’ll see the alpha title icon next to it. Click the Alpha.png icon.


Step 2

After selecting the Alpha.png icon, add an alpha title from the following list. If you want to change or remove your alpha title, select the DeleteIcon.png icon.


Step 3

You can select the InformationIcon.png icon to open an information modal that shows more detailed information other than the drop down menu.


Step 4

Once you’re finished editing your metadata, click ‘Apply’ at the bottom right corner and your changes will be saved. A confirmation modal will flash to confirm your metadata changes have been applied.

Step 5

After your metadata has been applied, click the ‘Close’ button to exit out of the Metadata page.


Step 6

After closing the metadata page and are in the asset’s detail page, you’ll notice the added alpha title under the GPMS title.