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Users can create an advanced search for asset titles when editing metadata. This section describes the process of creating an advanced title search.

Getting Started


Step 1

When editing metadata from the asset details page or from upload, select a template that best matches your workflow. Navigate to the “Title” metadata field and click on the "Advanced" button.


Step 2

Once you’ve clicked the "Advanced" button, you’ll notice an "Advanced Title Search" modal appear. Use the search bar in the "Advanced Title Search" modal to search for that asset's title.


Step 3

As you type in the search bar, the table will populate with search results. You can also further refine your search results by year, season, episode, product type, and made for media category. Once you've found the correct title, select the title from the table.


Step 4

You'll notice that in the background, the title will appear behind the modal, confirming your selection.


Step 5

After your title has been selected, click the "Close" button to exit out of the "Advanced Title Search" modal and continue editing your metadata.