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Aspera Connect is a file transfer acceleration tool and is required in order to upload and download files in Runner. For SPE users, please download from the App Store. Otherwise, please go to the Aspera Connect website to download the plug-in: http://downloads.asperasoft.com/connect2/.

Additional Technical Details: Please ensure that the following ports and protocols are opened in order for Aspera Connect can be used (you may need the assistance of an IT networking professional).

    For Internal:
    For External:
    DNS: apod.cimediacloud.com
    PORT: 33001 TCP, UDP

Aspera icon

If users do not have Aspera Connect installed or if Aspera fails to launch for whatever reason, a blue banner will appear on top of the Runner page prompting for download.

On click of the download link in the banner, download of Aspera's installer to your computer will be initiated.

Aspera Transfers Window

Once uploads or downloads are initiated, the Aspera file upload window will pop up to show the progress of your uploads and/or downloads.

Adjusting Transfer Speed

For each file uploading or downloading, you can select the heartbeat type icon next to the uploading progress bar to open up the Transfer Monitor window.

With the arrow pointer on the left hand side, you can drag up or down to adjust the download speed (given that you have available bandwidth to take advantage of).